PERKVILLE Rewards Program

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Earn points for attending class, workshops, & tagging Bikram Columbia in posts on Facebook & Twitter.


How Do I Sign Up?

After attending your 1st class, Perkville will send you an email prompting you to set up a Perkville Account. Once your account is set up on Perkville, you can start earning points, viewing your points, & viewing items you can buy with points.


Point Values

Attending Class – 4 points

Posting on Facebook about us – 2 points

Following us on Twitter – 10 points

Tag us in a post on Twitter – 2 points

*must log into Perkville & use their system for FB & Twitter posts*


What Do I Earn?

 Free small water - 40 points

 Free mat rental - 60 points

 $5 retail gift card - 60 points

 Free class - 240 points


How Do I Redeem Points?

When you have enough points to redeem, print out the appropriate voucher through Perkville & bring to the studio for redemption.


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